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Radex Abrasive Compound RDX-1

Description: RDX-1 Abrasive compound is a new generation abrasive compound on aluminum oxide basis combining high abrasive effectiveness and quality finish at minimum force and time. Designed to eliminate scratches from abrasive paper 1500-2000 grit or finer. Due to unique formulation abrasive compound doesn’t get dry and residues can be easily cleaned up after polishing. It doesn’t spill. Perfectly matches all types of paints and clear coats both fresh and aged. It doesn’t contain silicones.

Function:RDX-1 Abrasive compound is intended for professional use only. It is recommended to use with RDX-1 White high density compound pad and rotary polishing machine at 1500-2000 RPM for compounding preliminary sanded areas, getting rid of deep scratches and imperfections on new and old coatings. RDX-1 Abrasive compound is the main in the system with RDX-3 Non abrasive compound and Protective Glaze.

1 Litre

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