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The History of United Paints

United Paints Limited began trading in 1984. The company's objective was to manufacture quality paints of various types. Lacquers and fast dry enamels were the dominant products in those early days but it soon became obvious that a more comprehensive range of products would produce sustained business growth.

After difficult trading in the post crash era the company consolidated its manufacturing base and moved from Wellington to Christchurch.

The location change together with a capital restructuring in the late 1980's provided a much better springboard for trading. Growth was rapid and after two location changes in quick succession the company moved to its current location in Belfast. The primary consideration was space and that there would be sufficient room for expansion as the company continued to grow.

Our experienced staff are capable at all levels and always eager to assist with difficult application or situations that our customers may experience. Current staff levels are nineteen, nine employed in the Christchurch factory involved in manufacture and tinting. The other ten are involved with sales and administration.

The company's main area of trading is in the 'light industrial’ sector of the coatings market. This covers a comprehensive range of metal primers and topcoats, along with wood lacquers, solvent blends, and aqueous decorative coatings. We supplement our main product lines with a tinting service for those difficult to find colours and offer an ASAP approach to delivery of the finished product.

Another service we offer is to engineer coatings to specific customer requirements. We address problems that can occur with common applications such as dipping, electrostatic and airless sprays, at the time of manufacture.

Quality control in the paint industry is paramount to business. Our in house quality control systems operate with very narrow limits. We stand behind all our coatings and although not yet audited for ISO9002, we fully intend to follow this path in the future.

We consider our service to be unequaled: we process tints, under normal circumstances within two days, and run daily courier services around Auckland, Palmerston North, and Christchurch, freight to most other destinations is overnight.