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Radex Fine Abrasive Compound RDX-2

Description: Radex RDX-2 Fine abrasive compound on aluminum oxide basis has similar to RDX-1 Abrasive compound working characteristics but less aggressivity. Eliminates scratches from abrasive paper 2000 or finer and produces a long lasting mirror finish in one step. Compound doesn’t get dry and residues can be easily cleaned up after polishing. It doesn’t spill. Perfectly matches all types of paints and clear coats. It doesn’t contain silicones.

Function: Fine abrasive compound is intended for professional use only. It is recommended to use with RDX-2 Yellow medium density compound pad and rotary polishing machine at 1500-2000 RPM for overspray removal after spot repair, swirls as well as for scratch removal and oxidized areas on old surfaces.

1 Litre

RRP: $40.27
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