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Aerosol Uniprime Single Pack Primers

United Paints Uniprime range of Steel Primers avaialble in aerosol form in a wide range of colours.

For more information on specific primers please see the Uniprime Single Pack Primer Section.

Minimum order of 6 aerosols in a single colour

All prices are plus gst, and subject to change at anytime.

Fastcure Black
Fastcure White
Fastcure Grey
Fastcure Milton Grey
Fastcure Green Grey
Fastcure Yellow Oxide
Fastcure Orange
Fastcure Red Oxide
Tech Black
Tech White
Tech Grey
Tech 185
Tech 210
Tech Milton Grey
Tech Green Grey
Tech Blue Green
Tech 287 Blue
Tech Fab Blue
Tech Red Oxide
Tech Fab Yellow
HB Tech 185
HB Tech 210
HB Tech Milton Grey
HB Tech Ultra White
Uniprime Shop Primer
Uniprime Syncro Green
RRP: $24.60+gst
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