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Uniguard - Colours (Except Red & Violet)

UNIGUARD - Colours (Except Reds & Violet)

Please note these are tinted colours and not standard off the shelf

Chromate Free Anti-Corrosive Hi Build

Single pack , high build coating for industrial , marine maintenance and automotive use .

Formulated as a one coat finish for coating of steel in aggressive to mild environments with excellent adhesion to steel and old coatings with a silky surface feel . Can be topcoated if deemed necessary .

Fast drying nature allows early recoat or topcoating .

Typical Uses
 Structural Steel
 Shipping Containers
 Tank Exteriors
 Marine Topsides
 Machinery
 Heavy Trailers
 Industrial Plants
 Steel Cladding
 Automotive
 Maintenance

Touch dry in 30 minutes at 20oC 

Thin using United Paints Xylene Solvent

Scarlet Chrome
Hitachi Orange
Zaxis Orange
"New" New Caterpillar Yellow
New Caterpillar Yellow
Old Caterpillar Yellow
Komatsu NZ Yellow
Pale Gold
John Deere 60's Yellow
Medium Yellow
Safety Yellow (Medium)
Country Cream
Off White
Pipi White
Scallop White
Appliance White
Oyster White
International Harvester Cream
Claas Green
Heritage Green
John Deere 60's Green
New John Deere Green
Hawthorne Green
Machine Green
UFO Blue
Light Blue
Arctic Blue
Old Ford Tractor Blue
New Ford Tractor Blue
Deep Blue
Azure Blue
Oxford Blue
Light Grey
Ford Tractor Grey
Steel Grey
Massey Ferguson Grey
Komatsu Charcoal
Chocolate Brown
Case Brown
Red Oxide
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